A Collection of VMworld Podcasts

I’ve seen a number of blogs lately recommending sessions to attend for this year’s VMworld.  And then there are a number of blogs people have written for the first time attendee which have been extremely helpful.  Since I seem to be deriving a ton of value from various podcasts lately, I thought I would post a few that are specific to VMworld in one spot so attendees old and new can enjoy.  I’ve also included a podcast from The Geek Whisperers (one of my absolute favorites) for general recommendations on managing time at conferences.

VMware Communities Roundtable Podcast (Hosted by Eric Nielson and John White)

  • Podcast #397 – VMworld 2017 with Linda Britt Sr Director Events
  • Podcast #398 – VMworld History with Tony Dunn
  • Podcast #399 – VMworld VMTN Talks with Radia,Simon, Paul, and more
  • Podcast #400 – VMworld Hackathon with William Lam, Alan Renouf, and sessions leaders


Virtually Speaking Podcast (Hosted by Pete Fletcha and John Nicholson)

  • Episode #48 – VMworld 2017 Preview with Duncan Epping
  • Episode #55 – Automate All the Things (Inside the VMworld Hackathon with William Lam and Alan Renouf)


CTO Advisor Podcast (Hosted by Keith Townsend and Mark May)


GC ON-Demand Show (Hosted by Eric Wright)

  • Episode #52 – The Journey to becoming an IT Architect with @vmiss33
    (Book signing happening at the Turbonomic booth at VMworld US 2017)


The Geek Whisperers Podcast (Hosted by John Troyer, Amy Lewis, Matt Broberg)

  • Episode #128 – Engineering Your Time at Conferences with Aaron Delp
  • There are a number of other podcasts in the archives that were recorded at VMworld in years past that are valuable as well.


Please let me know if there are any other podcasts out there I have missed.

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